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Madeline's Madeline

Directed by Josephine Decker
94 min / 2018 / USA / English / Drama
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Madeline got the lead role in the play! Strangely, the character looks just like Madeline. And has a cat just like Madeline's. And is holding a steaming hot iron next to her mother's face... like Madeline is.


Writer/Director Josephine Decker (Thou Wast Mild And Lovely, Butter on the Latch)
Co-Writer: Donna Di Novelli
Producers: Krista Parris, Elizabeth Rao
Cinematographer: Ashley Connor
Editors: Josephine Decker, Harrison Atkins
Production Designer: Charlotte Royer
Sound Designer: Guido Berenblum (ASA)
Costume Designer: Martín Hernández, Alejandro Quevedo


Helena Howard
Molly Parker (House of Cards, Deadwood)
Miranda July (The Future, Me and You and Everyone We Know)
Okwui Okpokwasili
Felipe Bonilla
Lisa Tharps


Sundance Film Festival
Berlin Film Festival
Champs-Elysees Film Festival


Special Jury Award, Helena Howard - Sarasota Film Festival
Best Feature Film 13+ - Lucas International Festival for Young Film Lovers
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