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The Last Shepherd

Directed by Marco Bonfanti
76 min / 2012 / Italy / Italian / Documentary
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A journey through the incredible story of Renato Zucchelli, the last travelling shepherd living in a metropolis, who conquered the city with only his sheep and the power of fantasy. (NOTE: AVAILABLE FOR FESTIVALS AND NON-THEATRICAL BOOKINGS ONLY)


Writer/Director: Marco Bonfanti
Producers: Anna Godano, Franco Bocca Gelsi
Cinematographer: Michele D'Attanasio AIC
Editor: Valentina Andreoli
Sound: Claudio Bagni


Renato Zucchelli
Piero Lombardi
Lucia Zucchelli
Gottardo, John
Margaret and Dominic Zucchelli
Hedy Krissane, Patrizia Frisoli
Don Paolo Galli, Barbara Sorrentini (vocals)
Children's School Via Colletta
Moru and Booboo


Tokyo International Film Festival
Torino International Film Festival
Dubai International Film Festival
Slamdance Film Festival
Transilvania International Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival


Non-Theatrical and Festivals, Excluding Italy
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